In center of most of the JOSTA-constructions, there is the pictured bicycle holder made of C-shaped bent round steel. The holding bracket is bent as spiral due to stability reasons and in addition strengthened with a round steel against vandalism or downward cambering. At the top end of the holding bracket, there is the suspension loop for the front wheel, which is covered with a plstic hose as rim protection.

The basic material of the JOSTA-bicycle holder is made of Steel ST 370-2 and is full-bath hot-dip galvanized after the welding of the individual parts. On demand, the Josta holder is colored powder-coated after hot-dip galvanizing. This high-quality coating is possible in all RAL colors. The Josta bicycle holder is also deliverable in stainless steel material 4301.

10 Arguments ensure our prominence

  • lower need for space of the construction
  • problem-free cleaning and keeping the parking area clean
  • unobtrusive due to visually pleasant and adaptable forms:
  • in particular also for unoccupied bicycle stands
  • Adaptation to the local circumstanceswith one system:
  • e.g. straight, left or right wheel settings; Wall-, stand- or ground mounting
  • the bicycle stands are placed with a distance of 425 mm or 500 mm (Standard), where individual custom-built items (e.g. 800 mm distance) are also possble for smallest orders
  • Safety against theft
  • Connectability for frame and front wheel with safety bracket . Advantage: JOSTA bicycle holder can retrofitted without problem also later with safety brackets
  • priceworthy
  • deliverable in all RAL-colors
  • JOSTA bicycle stands are not delivered in “self-assembly system” rather in fixed and ready assembly configuration. Advantage: cost-effective assembly/ installation
  • Direct delivery, in particualr for coated constructions, possible by own mototr pool short delivery time
  • JOSTA Roofings are basically manufactured individually

 Design, Herstellung, Lieferung, Montage… alles in einer Hand !